Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

    > When I saw the ballot, I found the instructions confusing, and I sent
    > suggestions to the people who handled the voting for how to make it
    > clearer in the future.  I didn't send that mail to foundation-list
    > because that seemed unnecessary.

    If it didn't seem necessary then I don't see why it is now. 

"It" isn't the same thing now.  This discussion is about what to do
when members sent in votes on time but did not follow the procedure

    Let's have some respect for the people 
    who try to follow the rules and do a good job of it as objectively as 

There is no disrespect to anyone in offering a little slack to someone
who made a mistake with no ill will.  Rules are often useful, and
there are situations where it is necessary to be strict about them.
But when it is harmless to cut people some slack, we should not be

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