Re: Questions

    I feel that your todo list is in the wrong order, surely you could have
    carried on with out an emacs maintainer for a few weeks (whilst looking
    for a new one), and left the other developer working on teh desktop?

It is easy to disagree about what was best to do in a remote
situation.  The problem is that when you are far away from the
situation, you can easily overlook some of the factors that made other
alternatives difficult.  Distance tends to make it easier to criticize
any decision, and harder to defend one.

Recognizing this, people should be cautious about attacking a decision
made in a place and time where they were not present and have not
carefully studied.

One of the factors that affected my decision was the knowledge that it
was not easy to find good programmers who would work for the FSF's pay
rates.  We could hardly count on finding one in a few weeks, or maybe
even in years.  There were other factors too; I think I made the right
decision.  We could, and did, try again later on the desktop.

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