Re: Questions

> Mr. Brown-Bayliss, in front of a great man who someday
> may rank on par with people like George Washington in
> the history books, you should be more humble.

No I should not, my view is my view.  

If I want to pass it around, then why shouldn't I?   My view is that rms
is wrong, proprietary software is sometimes usefull to many people and
my view is that if Some large company made some great piece of software
that runs on teh gnome desktop we should trumpet it loud and proud, not
insult them by refusing to acknowledge it in a list (as rms demanded of
the gnome summary a short time ago).

As far as picking on previous failures, it's not hte failure I am
picking on (my fault, as a communicator, particularly when hung over I
am not one of the greats) but the method, and the denial of great works
of others simply because the have a different religion (so to speak) 

To sum up, I RMS is obviously a great man in the world of free software,
but he is no more perfect than you and I, perhapse more driven than
most.  I see no reason to keep shut about my thoughts and ideas.  

Any way, feel free to tell me other wise.

  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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