Re: Questions

> It is easy to disagree about what was best to do in a remote
> situation.  The problem is that when you are far away from the
> situation, you can easily overlook some of the factors that made other
> alternatives difficult.  Distance tends to make it easier to criticize
> any decision, and harder to defend one.

As does time, but there is very little that anyone can do to convince me
that emacs (it's just a text editor when boiled down, and one I use a
little) is/was the most important thing going.
Could it have been simply that emacs is your little baby?  Nothing wrong
with that, and wanting to protect and nurture emacs is fine, so long as
it can be said that had you decided to push on with the desktop way back
then (when?) we could/would have been further ahead, maybe?


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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