Re: Questions

Definately not: but I believe Gnome encompasses a much larger community,
that is more than just GPL/LGPL'ed code: for example, code I write
will, as it has for 15 years, be licensed via the X Copyright (GPL/LGPL
compatible, as it has always been).  The day it isn't fully open,
is the day I (and I believe most others) go elsewhere.

In this sense, I believe Gnome is an open source project, not
strictly a GNU project.
                            -Jim Gettys

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> le mar 27-11-2001 à 11:08, Alan Cox a écrit :
> > > May I add that, without RMS 'lauching' the GNOME project and harassing
> > > TrollTech, Qt would probably never have been licenced under the GPL ?
> >
> > Had the license not changed Qt would have been replaced by Harmony.
> Do you think KDE people were really concerned with the non-free aspect
> of Qt ? I'm not so sure, but I may be wrong. OTOH I wouldn't like GNOME
> people to become licence-agnostic "because it pleases our sponsors".
>         Xav

Jim Gettys
Cambridge Research Laboratory
Compaq Computer Corporation
jg pa dec com

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