Re: Questions

> That seems like a pretty harsh standard to apply.  We don't bat 1000,
> but neither does anyone else.  The GNU project has produced many
> useful software packages, GNOME among them.

Yes, many that people like myself use daily, so I hope no one gets me
wrong here, I like GNU stuff, I have been aware of GNU and the free
software since the late late 80's and appreciate all that has been
> Anyway, if you're worried about these few instances, I can set your
> mind at ease.
> Our first desktop attempt was aborted because I had to put the
> developer (an FSF staff employee) on another project just a few weeks
> later.  (The Emacs maintainer was hired away and gave 2 weeks notice.)

This is exactly what I am concerned about, you aborted the first attempt
because of a text editor.

I feel that your todo list is in the wrong order, surely you could have
carried on with out an emacs maintainer for a few weeks (whilst looking
for a new one), and left the other developer working on teh desktop?


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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