Re: desktop mem usage [was Re: Candidacy - Alan Cox]

> OK, so what changed?  Is this due to a small number of weird bugs deep
> in some pixbuf or font library?  Or is it some pervasive over-use of 
> orbit or bonobo?  Maybe its just some misconfig on this particular
> machine, and doesn't affect a 'properly installed' machine?  How can 
> we find out? 

Well, I have asked before, is bonobno and a component system really
needed, or is it just a case of MS has one so we should follow their

Because, taking evolution as an example (it's a good email client) the
bonobo components take an age to load (on PII300, 96meg ram) and dont
seem to offer any advantage.  

People talk about the components being useable in other apps, yet from
comments on teh evolution list it is impossible to pop up a composer
window, and select an address, send an email and have it placed in the
save folder without first loading all the rest of evolution.  It is not
even possible to have a compose window pop up from a mailto: link
without first loading all of evolution.

So where is the benefit of this memory hungry, slow component system?  
Yet it seems to me that since all this started gnome has grown bigger
and slower.

  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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