Re: desktop mem usage [was Re: Candidacy - Alan Cox]

> Hmm. Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe I need to reflect this back to 
> Alan Cox.  3-4 years ago, I was running gnome-1.0 on a p-166 w/64meg 
> ram (doing development & other things) and performance was acceptable 
> (in fact, it was 2x faster than win95 on the same machine, which... 
> well, I'm not a poet, but it calls for some superlative that embodies 
> a whole rainbow of emotions and feelings.)

Likewise, I used gnome 1 on a PII300 with 96mg ram and an 8meg agp gfx
card.  It was way faster than win98 on the same machine.  Then I
didtched windows so lost track the speed diffeence.

Now, I have a old clunker for  the kids, P166, 80meg ram, 2mg gfx card. 
Gnome 1.4 is a dog. Trying to load takes an age, galeon is UNUSEABLE. 
In fact, all it is good for is running as an Xterminal.  

Win 95 on the same machine is useable with MSoffice 97, not great, but
it is useable, no waiting for text typed to appear on the screen as it
is in gnome...  

But who knows, maybe win98 is unuesable o nteh same machine, I am sure
win2k is.  Back in Feb I was working (really, I did work once) and my
work machine was a PII350 128mg ram, win2k, and it was slower than my
PII300 running gnome.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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