Re: Candidate (James Henstridge)

James Henstridge wrote:

Yet another candidacy statement

James Henstridge <james daa com au>
Currently on a contract with ActiveState (will send a message when this changes)

I have been working on gnome for over 3 years, working on various areas including the Python language bindings, and various parts of the gnome and gtk+ development platforms.

I have helped in the development of the new defs format which is designed to make writing language bindings for gnome easier to write, and make the APIs of the various language bindings more similar to make documenting them easier.

I served on the gnome steering committee before the formation of the gnome foundation, and was a candidate in the last foundation elections.

I am an Australian but unlike Jeff, I have been known to say "mate" (don't hold that against him though).

If elected, I will make it difficult to schedule conference calls due to living in the wrong timezone.

On a related note, it would be nice if the elections this year were held using a preferential system, which would give more fair results (voting for popular candidates wouldn't effectively decrease the value of your vote). A description of the algorithm is at:

This is kind of theoretical issue in our elections, since everyone gets to vote for 11 candidates. In other words, in the US presidential elections, where I only get to vote for one candidate, this is a huge deal: I feel like I'm wasting my vote if I vote for someone other than the two top candidates. However, in this case, you get to vote for 11 people, so there's room to vote for everyone you're interested in.




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