Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 23 January 2001

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> I am not sure sure if you are saying all of Bonobo can meet the
> timetable, or are you saying only part of Bonobo can meet the
> timetable; if the latter, does this mean the timetable must be
> revised?
> We need a bin/source compat Bonobo for the duration of the 1.4.x
> series, so that release can't happen until the entirety of Bonobo is
> in freeze, I would guess, though the 1.4 team makes the call here.

Yes, we need a freeze commitment for all of Bonobo for the 1.4
release, as incompatible changes will not be possible for 1.4.x. We
can change the library freeze date (and thus push out the whole 1.4
release) if the current one is not feasible.

We may have to push it out a few days anyway, based on talking to
people with outstanding gnome-vfs work around Eazel.

 - Maciej

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