Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 23 January 2001

>  - check on GNOME 1.4 status and concrete timetable
>    A draft version approved by the Board is availble below
>    => this is in large part tied to Nautilus release schedule
>    => translation group need the last 10 days stable to finalize
>    => Bonobo/Gnome VFS/Gnome print are the 3 main libraries which
>       are the challenges to get the schedule

	I'm sorry, I don't want to nit pick but I don't understand the
sentence: 'which are the challenges to get the schedule'.

	If the thinking was that Bonobo et. al are on the critical path,
as far as I can see, I don't believe this is the case, at least for Bonobo
that is.

>       + bonobo is supposed to be frozen

	This is not quite correct. While we have a public API / bin compat
freeze commitment it covers only parts of bonobo ( mainly those parts used
by Nautilus ).

	The rest of Bonobo should not be supposed to be frozen. We are
still busily buffing it up, and will be extending the commitment to cover
other APIs, as and when we are happy with them, in order to meet the same
deadlines as everyone else for Gnome 1.4.

	I hope this straightens out this rather disjointed point, if it
would help I'd be interested to hear some expansion of your deliberations
on this point.



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