Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 23 January 2001

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 23 January 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Jim Gettys              
    Raph Levien             
    Owen Taylor             
    Dan Mueth               
    John Heard              
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Bart Decrem
    Maciej Stachowiak       

  Invited GUADEC 2 organizers:
    Claus Sorensen
    Martin Wahlen
    Kenneth Christiansen

    Federico Mena Quintero  

    Miguel de Icaza

    - next meeting in two weeks

    - 3 Guadec organizers were invited to the meeting
      Kenneth Christiansen, <kenneth gnu org>
      Martin Wahlen, <mva df lth se>
      Claus Sorensen

    - Draft 1.4 Schedule approved by the Board, see at the end
    - Main themes for GUADEC 2 are defined and there is a set
      of cooordinators for each

Work Done:

  ACTION: Havoc will push GUADEC advertizing, and check with numbers with
  => Done

Work in progress:

  ACTION: Maciej to write a new (hopefully final ?) license policy proposal.
  => we got mail from RMS
  => Not had time to do it yet, pending
  => Maciej is struggling with the fact that contenting everybody seems
     impossible. A new version should be posted and discussed.
  ACTION: John to get a schedule in agreement with other board members
          before the end of the week
  => Not sent up.
     The schedule is that the work will start beginning next week with
     a new lawyer, he need to have some questions answered before this
     get written

  ACTION: John send mail to gnome-hacker about Gnome-2.0 
  => pending, John will send it first to the Board.

  ACTION: Bart to resend Proposed Membership Guidelines to foundation list
  => pending need to be on next agenda


  ACTION: John to give to Bart the phone # of the lawyer.

  ACTION: Maciej to forward the final release schedule to hacker, and get
          it posted widely


 - GUADEC first, since Kenneth and Martin will be there.

   => What's the theme of the conference, that's an opportunity
      going forward
      + Gnome 2.0
      + Interoperability
      + Usability
      + And what GNOME is, present the new 1.4 platform
   => Try to focuse more on workgroup meetings rather than a lecture.
   => User day on Sunday forcusing more on the current Gnome platform
      2 tracks one for User and one for Developers on Sunday
   => Total number of session
      6 slots per day each 2 hours => 18 slots plus keynotes
      For each of these themes one person is responsible:
      - Havoc: Gnome 2.0
      - Andy/Bart: Usability
      - Jim/Daniel: Interoperability  
      - Maciej: Gnome 1.4

  ACTION: by next week we should have a rough estimate of the number
          of tracks needed
   There is a GUADEC call every Friday to help setup GUADEC II,
   contact Bart if interested
   => first GNOME Foundation meeting on the 5th same place
      need a room for 30 for the full day

   Mandrake is interested in sponsorship, HP and IBM Denmark too.
   For the moment 5 people asked for financial help (maybe not
   more than 10 since the expiration is Friday).
   For the moment there is no clear public registration, should be
   provided soon.
   GUADEC 1 was about 60 person, 10 had travel expense covered

 - Minutes from last week approved
 - review outstanding actions

 - note that we agreed to the LinuxWorld conference costs in lieu of
   Eazel's fee
   => approved

 - check that we're moving forward on incorporation
   => Done the lawyer is now assigned, Bart will work to help him
      going forward
 - check on GNOME 1.4 status and concrete timetable
   A draft version approved by the Board is availble below

   => this is in large part tied to Nautilus release schedule
   => translation group need the last 10 days stable to finalize
   => Bonobo/Gnome VFS/Gnome print are the 3 main libraries which
      are the challenges to get the schedule
      + bonobo is supposed to be frozen
   => Beta release will have to be coordianted with the Greg and Lesley
      comm team, they need info to build the PR. Possibly a Press tour.

   => Suggestions to have point releases of 1.4 until 2.0 is out.
     + PR
     + allow to plan updates and push them forward
     + better information for users
     + probably every 3 months
     This need to be rediscussed, with the people involved and on the
     future agenda

---------------- Draft schedule -----------------
2/1   Library freeze date - create 1.4 branches, bug fix only mode
2/8   Freeze date for everything else - bug fix only mode, branch as needed
2/8   Drop dead date for packages - any proposed new packages which are
      not ready will be dropped)
2/15  Package due date for GNOME 1.4 Beta 1 (maintainers must upload 
                                             packages by this date)
2/17  GNOME 1.4 Beta 1

2/26  GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 package due date
2/28  GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 (based on Nautilus release candidate)

3/6   GNOME 1.4 beta 3 package due date
3/8   GNOME 1.4 Beta 3 (based on Nautilus 1.0)
3/8   Hard freeze except for docs and translations - code changes may
      only go in for critical bugs as reviewed by Release Team (or the
      GNOME Foundation board for hard cases).

3/16  GNOME 1.4 Release Candidate 1 package due date
3/18  GNOME 1.4 Release Candidate 1
3/18  Hard freeze for everything, including docs and translations -
      code changes may only go in for critical bugs as reviewed by
      Release Team and GNOME Foundation board.

3/25  GNOME 1.4 Final package due date - but no changes expected from RC1
3/27  GNOME 1.4 Final


* Jacob said he would make gnome-core releases in time for each beta
* George fixed gdm2 and is working on xalf and grdb integration
* This schedule is aggressive but on the edge of feasible. In the
  worst case, by aiming for this schedule we will be doing fairly well
  after slippage.
* We will be tracking open release issues in the bugzilla.gnome.org
  under the "GNOME 1.4 Release Engineering" product.

Open issues:
* Library freeze date must be checked with maintainers
* Gtk release target dates (to raise with Owen)
* new control-center release (boc can likely take care of it)
* relevant bonobo dates, if any (to raise w/ Miguel and Michael)
* PR dates - due dates for draft and final press releases, etc (Leslie
  and Greg working on these)


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