Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 9 January 2001

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 9 January 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Owen Taylor             
    Dan Mueth               
    Jim Gettys              
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Bart Decrem
    Federico Mena Quintero  
    Miguel de Icaza
    John Heard              
    Raph Levien             


    Maciej Stachowiak       

    - next meeting in two weeks
    - establish the mailing list for the member representatives
    - start advertizing GUADEC on a larger scale.
    - get a first draft of the foundation for review. John will
      provide a schedule.

Work Done:

  ACTION: Miguel to call Kenneth to get more practical details about GUADEC 2
  => Done

  ACTION: Havoc to post summary to board list of what companies have submitted>           advisory board representatives.
  => Done miss just a couple

Work in progress:

  ACTION: Maciej to write a new (hopefully final ?) license policy proposal.
  => we got mail from RMS
  => Wait for a new version from Maciej 


  ACTION: John to get a schedule in agreement with other board members
          before the end of the week

  ACTION: Bart to resend Proposed Membership Guidelines to foundation list

  ACTION: Havoc will push GUADEC advertizing, and check with numbers with

  ACTION: Jim to send mail to GUADEC list about inviting KDE member.

  ACTION: John send mail to gnome-hacker about Gnome-2.0 


 - Minutes from last week approved
 - review status of actions from last week's minutes                            
 - Advisory board representative have been listed
   + will start the mailing list
   + except for HP we have all representative names
   try to do a face to face around GUADEC

 - incorporation status and bylaws (create bylaws working group?)
   One of the layers at Sun sent a mockup.
   We need changes done on an initial mockup to get the first draft.
   Rapid action is needed.

 - proposal from membership committee on CVS/ftp/bugzilla/list/membership
   policy see foundation-list for the proposed policy, here:

   it tried to separate people with significant contribution from just
   using the software
   there is a 2 year renewal mechanism to avoid keeping 

   May need a couple more plenary sessions
   Do they have speakers for all those sessions ?
   A call for paper is needed too.
   Communication on the larger scale is really needed, especially
   since the time needed to get approval/book ticket may be a problem.

   The Board should get there a day early Thursday 5 April and have
   a meeting there and invide advisory members

 - possible meetings with the KDE team at some scheduled interval

   technical meeting
   interoperability discussions, format, etc ...
   one person on each side could help
   Conferences could be the best venue for organizing exchanges.
   WM spec was a success
   member part of both KDE League and Gnome Foundation may be the most
   interested in getting both entities to interract
   point is that the hackers are leading both project and if they don't
   want to collaborate it will be hard to go forward on this issue

   Give KDE a forum for exchange of idea at GUADEC sounds one way to help
   the exchange start. Maybe to invite some of them.

 - John wanted to add a couple of points:
   + Gnome 2.0 release plan => ACTION
   + Documentation need some improvement. The Gnome documentation team
     will certainly welcome Sun's effort. It is very important that Sun
     get a very open communication, and there should be no problem.
     John should contact Dan and Jim on this.

Ongoing/pending for future meetings:
 - incorporation
 - proposal from PR team on show attendance, etc. promised by Greg Corrin
 - keep track of GUADEC and plans for that; plan a meeting of the board,
   be sure key technical conversations happen, help raise funds
 - final setup of the advisory board, once we're incorporated
 - GNOME 1.4 as we near the release (approve press releases, etc.)


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