Re: Draft election rules, announcement

Bart Decrem <bart eazel com> writes:

> I wonder if that ends up creating classes of candidates: the 'elders' who
> are nominated by others and us mere mortals who need to fend for
> ourselves.  

It's possible. The intent is not to have one person nominated many
times, but simply to have a way to have people who are too modest to
nominate themselves run. I think this actually won't be true of the
"elders". I'm proposing this not because I want someone else to
nominate me (I'm obnoxious enough to nominate myself) but because I
might want to nominate others who wouldn't nominate themselves

The goal is definitely not to have a lovefest, but rather to try to
avoid people eliminating themselves because they assume they can't

We can have a strict rule about no duplicate nominations (deleting the
excess postings if we do it via gnotices), or perhaps have separate
periods for self-nomination and nominating others, if you really think
it's going to be a big problem.

 - Maciej

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