Re: Draft election rules, announcement

Bart Decrem <bart eazel com> writes:
> I wonder if that ends up creating classes of candidates: the 'elders' who
> are nominated by others and us mere mortals who need to fend for
> ourselves.  Also, it could generate a love-fest of people nominating all
> their favorite hackers.  It creates an administrative burden (making sure
> people would be willing to serve).  But modulo all that, I like the idea
> :)

I agree here; if we just want to get shy people nominated, we can
shower them in praise and harangue them until they self-nominate. 

It would be good to have only people that really want to do the work
be nominees, we don't really want people accepting nominations just
because they feel honored, etc., and letting people nominate others
will encourage lots and lots of nominations... 

The more nominees, the more likely we are to get a popularity contest
instead of a balanced board... 


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