Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

    Bart> I would leave it as is.  1/3 of 11 means 3 people max.  If
    Bart> Ettore, Miguel and Federico run for election, I might vote
    Bart> for all three (all affiliated with Helix Code).  Now let me
    Bart> daydream for a moment and wish that Raph ran for election
    Bart> and got elected.  If Helix brings Raph on as a consultant,
    Bart> someone has to step down from the board.  That kinda sucks.

No need to make them resign: they can just understand that in the next
year's board election they will have this problem.  And consulting is
not the same as being on payroll and having stock options: I didn't
read the fine print on that, but I don't think we should exclude
occasional consultants.

    Bart> Since this charter provision is kind of an emergency brake,
    Bart> I'm comfortable with the 1/2 provision, but if you guys want
    Bart> to lower it, how about 40% instead (that allows for 4 people
    Bart> max).

40% is better than 50% :-)

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