Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 09:04:57PM -0700, George wrote:
> Another issue:  How would the "no company should have majority" thing be
> handeled with direct elections.

By trusting the electorate to make its own decision.

> Also.  How will we decide if some two people get the same amount of votes?
> That is, if this would make us decide between two people.  Perhaps a "runoff"
> would be needed.

Or a shared seat (maybe 6 months for each person). Obviously if the top 20
people all have the same number of votes then we have a problem. But then
it is equally clear that the electorate didnt come to a consensus, so
there would be a much bigger problem. Maybe run the election again with a
new set of candidates?

> George

- Dick (firm believer in the KISS principle :-) )

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