Sun members?

Either from policy or inattention, as of 10/22 there is exactly _one_ address
in in the list of GNOME Foundation members. Since no doubt John has
registered since then, make it two. A large number of people in
and are registered.

Company representation is problematical, anyway. I just wanted the other folks
here to take note.



From: Maciej Stachowiak <mjs eazel com>
> John is the chosen representative of all the hackers [from Sun] we have seen
> trickling into many of the GNOME projects, including, to my knowledge,
> Nautilus, Evolution, GConf, Bonobo and others. He also represents the
> many hackers who just released the Star Office code at,
> making a Gnome contribution of unprecedented code size. This is a
> massive constituency both in people and code size, and smoothly
> integrating both the people and the code will have a large impact in
> GNOME's future.

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