Re: Sun members?

I agree that there should be more folks from Sun registered to vote (and I think
there will).  To be fair though, if there were 20 Sun people registered to vote
by now, there might be people arguing that Sun was jockeying for control in the

Those folks are getting involved, and they're making really important
contributions, and we're all trying to work together so that their involvement is
not disruptive in a negative manner.


Bruce Perens wrote:

> Either from policy or inattention, as of 10/22 there is exactly _one_ address
> in in the list of GNOME Foundation members. Since no doubt John has
> registered since then, make it two. A large number of people in
> and are registered.
> Company representation is problematical, anyway. I just wanted the other folks
> here to take note.
>         Thanks
>         Bruce
> From: Maciej Stachowiak <mjs eazel com>
> > John is the chosen representative of all the hackers [from Sun] we have seen
> > trickling into many of the GNOME projects, including, to my knowledge,
> > Nautilus, Evolution, GConf, Bonobo and others. He also represents the
> > many hackers who just released the Star Office code at,
> > making a Gnome contribution of unprecedented code size. This is a
> > massive constituency both in people and code size, and smoothly
> > integrating both the people and the code will have a large impact in
> > GNOME's future.
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