Re: Sun members?

bruce perens com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> Either from policy or inattention, as of 10/22 there is exactly _one_ address
> in in the list of GNOME Foundation members. Since no doubt John has
> registered since then, make it two. A large number of people in
> and are registered.

I don't think Sun should order their people to join. They should join
when they feel like they are part of the GNOME project and want to be
members. If I see a flood of Sun registrations tomorrow, I will be
dismayed and worried.

I think the reason you see so many Helix and Eazel (and Red Hat)
people is that these companies have been involved in GNOME for a long
time and many people there feel like part of the community.

> Company representation is problematical, anyway. I just wanted the other folks
> here to take note.

We have the GNOME Foundation advisory board for company
representation, foundation members and board members officially only
represent the project and themselves.

 - Maciej

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