bruce perens com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> > > It is nice to see somebody saying that we need to work with KDE here.
> Both KDE and GNOME are now inarguably free desktops. Whatever argument there
> was, it's over.
> I'm convinced that if Qt started out free, there would not have been a GNOME.
> Of course, that is only of historical interest now.
> I guess the main thing to collaborate on is the component model and
> interaction of applications with each other and the Window manager.
> That has already gone on to some extent, hasn't it?


There are many possibilities for collaboration. While a common window
manager spec is being worked on, a common component model is currently
not. There were various discussions about this on various levels, but
nothing came of them.

As most people who work with GNOME on a day to day level know, even
though the war is nominally over the bitterness sometimes lingers, on
both sides to some extent, and working together is a huge political
challenge even when the results would be technically a good
thing. It's important to be understanding of the feelings on both
sides when working towards more collaboration.

 - Maciej

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