From: Maciej Stachowiak <mjs eazel com>
> As most people who work with GNOME on a day to day level know, even
> though the war is nominally over the bitterness sometimes lingers, on
> both sides to some extent, and working together is a huge political
> challenge even when the results would be technically a good
> thing. It's important to be understanding of the feelings on both
> sides when working towards more collaboration.

Right. I remember debating the Troll Tech folks at the Linux Kongress in
Cologne a few years ago. We managed not to shout at each other. It's much
worse than FreeBSD vs. Linux, which gets pretty silly and heated.

Speaking of heated battles, we aren't letting any of those Emacs junkies
on the board, are we? Darned thing grows hair on your palms. Emacs will
corrupt your sister. It will make your wife run away with a sailor. :-)


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