Re: Candidacy (Michael Meeks), I'm still totaly misunderstood <sob>

On 19 Oct 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> > 1.) the GNOME Foundation won't have any impact on the KDE project.
> I agree that it will not actively harm KDE directly. It may indirectly
> affect the popularity of KDE among people who feel a need to choose
> one or the other, but that is not the primary goal of the foundation.
> > 2.) we can't effectively create any standard for GNU/Linux without
> >     talking with them, this is just impossible since they have a too
> >     large percentage of the user base.
> > 
> I also agree that we need to work better with KDE. I hope the
> foundation board can take the lead on that sort of thing.

It is nice to see somebody saying that we need to work with KDE here.  
This is about as complex and liable to generate controversy and criticism
as working with various private companies, but just as important IMO.  Of
course I don't mean just KDE, but other free software (or open source
software ;) projects and groups in general.  I think the days of ignoring
or pitting ourselves against private companies and KDE are behind us.  I
think GNOME has to be willing to go into the treacherous and mostly
uncharted waters of working productively with private companies, KDE, and
other open projects and do good things which benefits everybody, including

As Maciej states, it would be nice if the GF could lead the way and set a
good example here.


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