A question for all the candidates.

Dear Candidates,
	        One of the duties of the Gnome Foundation is to provide
"Direction" for the project. In a Free Software environment like Gnome it
is not immediately obvious how this will be achieved. I can imagine
several ways in which direction can be provided in terms of strength and
nastiness. Here are some of them:

1." This project is wasting resources. It will be removed from Gnome CVS."

2. "This project is wasting resources, we recommend that no distribution
(especially Helix-Code) include it in their release". 

3. "Project X and project Y have the same goals. Have you guys considered
a merger"? 

4. "We really think project Y should be supported. Gnomers please hack on 

5. "We will use our money to provide a prize for the best patch of the
week to project Z".

6. "We think this project is so important we strongly suggest that Gnome
companies consider hiring someone to work full time on it."

7. "We think this project is so important the Gnome Foundation will hire
someone to work full time on it."

So candidates, these are some of my ideas about how direction in Gnome can
be achieved. (I'm not saying I agree with any  of these methods.) 
How do you think direction of Gnome should be achieved? 

Thank you

Martin Sevior

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