Re: A question for all the candidates.

> 1." This project is wasting resources. It will be removed from Gnome CVS."
> 2. "This project is wasting resources, we recommend that no distribution
> (especially Helix-Code) include it in their release". 

I don't really think that any project is wasting resources, especially
since the projects begin worked on are done by volunteers who genuinely
enjoy working on the project or larger projects that are being backed by
company employees and resources. It's not our place to determine who
should work on what.

> 3. "Project X and project Y have the same goals. Have you guys considered
> a merger"? 

Sure, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't recommend that similar
projects merge, but I'm against forcing people to do so (not that I think
we can anyway).

> 4. "We really think project Y should be supported. Gnomers please hack on 
> it." 

Yeah. This is already done to an extent by people posting on gnome-hackers
and gnome-devel-list asking for help on projects. Havoc's "hack of the
week" things he put in his summaries were a good example of this.

> 5. "We will use our money to provide a prize for the best patch of the
> week to project Z".

I am against giving monetary awards for hacks.

> 6. "We think this project is so important we strongly suggest that Gnome
> companies consider hiring someone to work full time on it."

I would prefer to leave the hiring to the companies.

> 7. "We think this project is so important the Gnome Foundation will hire
> someone to work full time on it."

I do not want the Foundation to hire any full-time hacking staff.

In reality, the only "power" the foundation has is to determine what a
GNOME release is. Otherwise, I think it'll exist in an advisory capacity


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