Re: Random thoughts on this elections (was Re: Candidacy (Michael Meeks))

Christian Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org> writes: 
>  I read through the GNOME Foundation charter after seeing this, and the
> way it reads today I think most people would interpret the technical
> tasks of the board to be of much smaller importance than it's other
> roles, and like me would probably aim their votes towards a board well
> fit to solve those tasks more than being in charge of the technical
> evolution of GNOME.

My impression is that people don't want the board making technical
decisions, thus the charter doesn't say that it will. The only
decision that's "technical" is the release schedule stuff, and that is
more a matter of asking the maintainers what schedule is going to
work, not telling them which schedule must work. I can't actually
remember a technical issue the interim steering committee has dealt


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