Candidacy - Chema Celorio

Hello everyone.

I'd like to announce my candidacy to the GNOME Foundation board.

I am very excited of being part of the effort of bringing GNOME
forward. I have been working day in and day out on GNOME, almost
immediately after I started using Linux, which was not even a year
ago. I am very excited about being part of GNOME and would feel
priviledge of being part of the Foundation.

	I have good communications skills when it comes to work with
other developers in the GNOME community. I have a very good relation
with the other memebers of the community members. My work has been
mostly focused on the printing architecture of GNOME given my previous
experience in high quality printing.

	I would like to note that all my contributions to GNOME to
this day have been done without any economic payment in return.

My main contributions to GNOME have been :

gedit - maintainer

        I took gedit where Alex left of, finished it and stabilize it.
gedit was a very important project for me since it got me up to speed
on gui programming, the use of the GNOME infrastructure and refreshed my
C concepts. I currently maintain gedit.

gnome-print co-maintainer
gnome-print-admin author

	I wrote the postscript and PDF driver for gnome-print, and started
working on it very early on my Hacking activity. I currently maintain
gnome-print with Lauris Kaplinski. On the past month I have been working
on gnome-print admin, which would provide gnome-print (and other free
software projects) a printer database and configuration utility.

	I also did the native PCL driver. This infrastructure is being 
revisited to make use of a larger collection of printer drivers from
gimp-print and/or IBM.

Other Contributions

	I have added various features and provided various fixes for a 
number of modules in GNOME. I went to GUADEC and had a chance of
interacting with other hackers in the various teams.

	I also authored the GNOME-crash utility that helps debugging
applications ( a bug-buddy alternative, to be available in the
up comming gnome-libs release)


	I have been promoting GNOME in Mexico in conferences, talks,
tutorials and user groups.

	I also have been helping other programmers get started with
GNOME by providing advice and guiding them thru the process of
becoming GNOME contributors. 

	I represented the GNOME printing effort at the Linux printing
summit organized by VA Linux.


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