Re: polarization (Was :Eleven good candidates)

Lauris Kaplinski wrote:

> 2. There is no strong group with alternate views, actively struggling for
> representation.


Since you have such strongely held opinions, I am a bit disappointed that you
didn't get involved earlier on.  We've been having a pretty lively discussion
since June on this list about the best way to organize the Foundation.

To respond to this specific point though: actually, Maciej, myself and others
argued for having slates of board members so that we would have precisely
that.  The current steering committee would come up with a list of 11 board
members, who, in your world view, would represent The Establishment.  Then,
others could come up with alternate slates.  And people would get to vote
between these two or more different sets of people offering different visions
for what Gnome should be about.  But the idea got shot down by the 200 or so
people on this mailing list, who wanted to have the ability to vote for the
individual candidates they were interested in.



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