Re: polarization (Was :Eleven good candidates)

> Chema Celorio <chema celorio com> writes: 
> > Sorry guys, but I don't think this was apropiate.
> I respectfully disagree, I think we should discuss the
> candidates. That's what you do in any election.
> The fact that the people who posted their opinions had similar
> opinions isn't really relevant (we are all friends and have a similar
> viewpoint; people with another view of the matter are welcome to also
> participate in the discussion).


Philosophically I agree with Chema - publishing precompiled voting
lists is USUALLY bad for democracy, and I tend to think that it is wrong
in current situation too.

It is big mistake to think, that equal voting right (both to vote and
to be voted) automatically give you legitimate government for arbitrarily
chosen electorate. Nothing such - voting process has to be adjusted both
to structure of community and the tasks of body to be elected.

Some points:
1. Gnome has de facto governing body (Miguel, Federico, Havoc, Owen...)
- mostly the same names, as in 'Holy 11' lists. They are respected as
benevolent dictators of Gnome.
2. There is no strong group with alternate views, actively struggling for
3. The electorate is choosen so broad, that surely most voters do not have
strong opinion about the issues, board is voted for.

So in current situation whoever core hackers propose, will be elected. In
'real' elections similar situation usually results in boycotts by opposed
parties, civil disorders etc. Fortunately (or unfortunately - who knows)
Gnome foundation is not so important and we can do it without human

Results would be probably different - and deviating more from 'official'
gnome core list, if the size of electorate would be about 70 person -
because then (I hope) majority of voters would have clearer opinion of
gnome future - and persons associated with Gnome.

I do not think, that holding elections, as they are, is inherently wrong.
It simply 'officializes' the existing situation - benevolent dictatorship.
So the real question for gnome community is:
?: 'Do you like status quo?'
Y: Vote for Gnome foundation board
N: Start looking for alternate free Desktop project


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