Re: polarization (Was :Eleven good candidates)

> On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Chema Celorio wrote:

> > > Now I think we might see some polarization (where people go and vote for
> > > somebodyt just because they trust the judgement of the GNOME hackers)
> > 
> > I think it was somewhat ditstatefull that Owen, Havoc & Maciej came up
> > with "Here is my list". It is not the same to saying "Vote for Foo
> > Smith,
> > he has this and that abilities and would make a good board member"
> How is this different from someone handing out how to vote cards at
> government elections?  They have listed a group of people they think would
> be good for the board, and nothing more.

Here is one big practical difference - there are (usually) strong opposing
groups involved in real elections. In established democracy government
does not have neither much power, nor authority. If it has, then
giving out lists of people, current government likes to see in next one,
would be equally wrong.


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