Re: please participate in GNOME Foundation discussions

Ali Abdin <> writes:

> Well - part of the problem is people might agree and feel silly for mailing
> list with "I agree" and "Me too" kind of messages.
> At least that is why I haven't been that vocal on it :)
> I like the current path being taken and I think its a step in the right
> direction.
> So, should people mail in with "I agree", or only mail if they have
> constructive critcism?

Hey, when I come back tomorrow morning reading my mail and find a very,
very big "I agree" thread with all mails in it saying just "I agree", then
I'd be much happier than I'm right now.

So, come on guys who never spoke out yet now, tell us what you thing.

Now is your chance.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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