Re: please participate in GNOME Foundation discussions

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> writes: 
> > This is, by the way, normal, according to the class in interest group
> > politics I took a couple years ago.  Most interest groups have a
> > small, vocal core and a large, relatively noiseless, periphery.  A
> > good way to chase off the periphery is to try to force them to
> > contribute more than they want.
> Well hell, if we have the vocal core figure stuff out, then we get
> complaints about lack of democracy, and if we try to get more
> participation everyone is going to leave. ;-)


Well, I think that's almost always the same :-(

A very small, but very active group of people tries to to "A Good Thing"
(no matter what it is, if it's a just a party, a holiday trip for more
than 10 people, a trade show or now such a thing like the GNOME Foundation).

They attempt to get as much input from the very much larger group of
relatively noiseless group of people for which they're doing this "Good Thing".

However, without success since noone seems to be interested - but later all
the people who never said a word before start flaming the active group.

I think we must accept this as a rule of life .....

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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