Re: please participate in GNOME Foundation discussions

* Havoc Pennington ( wrote at 22:45 on 28/07/00:
> writes: 
> > This is, by the way, normal, according to the class in interest group
> > politics I took a couple years ago.  Most interest groups have a
> > small, vocal core and a large, relatively noiseless, periphery.  A
> > good way to chase off the periphery is to try to force them to
> > contribute more than they want.
> > 
> Well hell, if we have the vocal core figure stuff out, then we get
> complaints about lack of democracy, and if we try to get more
> participation everyone is going to leave. ;-)
> I guess we're screwed. ;-)
> Anyway, I hope there won't be any forcing, and people can ignore the
> foundation if they don't care about it. (With the caveat that if said
> people then flame about it later, it will be annoying.)

Well - part of the problem is people might agree and feel silly for mailing
list with "I agree" and "Me too" kind of messages.

At least that is why I haven't been that vocal on it :)

I like the current path being taken and I think its a step in the right

So, should people mail in with "I agree", or only mail if they have
constructive critcism?


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