My views


 I have read some of what was posted. Here are my views.

 The only way such a foundation would work is to become a gnome-only sourceforge kindda thing.

 -Compile farms,
 -Test machines. Log onto a sparc or mainframe or IA64, compile, run and debug.
 People's biggest fear is "who is gonna control this thing?"

 I agree with that fear too. So we must add full-blown serious transparent "net democracy" thinggy. 

 I also agree with other posters that no money should be given to anyone except to enhance the foundation as a community thing. Add machines, software to a future GnomeForge.

 So what are my real views? I don't like big ideas. I like small ones that evolve and turn into big ones. So let us start by creating a GnomeForge a la sourceforge, call that Gnome foundation, accept hosting of all gnome projects and probably gtk ones. Implement a voting system for creating a board of trustees or whatever you want to call them. But do it step by step. Then in 6 months, start adding features:

 -Like syncing releases, via vote and flamewars.
 -We could have our official releases of Gnome desktop.
 -Any other thing that would pop-up.

 But let it evolve. Don't try to have the perfect body from start as you will never get to the draft part. Look at LSB and other huge commitees. Nothing really happens there.

 So let's start small, then let this thing evolve naturally, but firmly. By firmly I mean, we'd have to vote for A BOARD. Then that board would take some time to get the feel of the whole project. Next, we'd start vote on stupid stuff, then on more important stuff.

 Anyway, those are my views. The last one is about consensus. There never is any consensus. You have to go with the majority, period. Those left out have only themselves to blame.

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