Re: election plans

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> However, it does seem that we won't be able to get enough members,
> communicate what the foundation is, get slates nominated, etc. in time
> to have really proper elections before the incorporation.
> So at LWE we can announce the interim committee, announce plans to
> elect the full committee, announce the advisory board, and announce
> that we have done the legal work for incorporation and are now an
> official organization. That seems like enough, right?

Yes, we have consensus.  I'm not sure that we even need to announce an
interim committee.  We can just announce the creation of the Gnome
Foundation, that the board will be elected by the Gnome hackers, and the
members of the advisory board.

We need to get the lawyers on board now to help us further detail the
timeline.  Rob is working on that.


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