Re: election plans

Frank Hecker <> writes: 
> An alternate proposal is that you all consider putting together an
> initial "interim" board composed of members of the steering committee
> and appropriate others, and have that board be the one named in the
> official "founding documents" (e.g., incorporation papers and
> elsewhere). Then the initial bylaws should have a provision for an
> initial board election as soon as practically possible (say 2 to 3
> months after incorporation), giving you enough time to work out all the
> logistics of holding a full election.

I get a sense of consensus around this idea.

We can minimize the negative side of it by having those elections as
soon as we possibly can after the incorporation. 

However, it does seem that we won't be able to get enough members,
communicate what the foundation is, get slates nominated, etc. in time
to have really proper elections before the incorporation.

So at LWE we can announce the interim committee, announce plans to
elect the full committee, announce the advisory board, and announce
that we have done the legal work for incorporation and are now an
official organization. That seems like enough, right?


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