Re: Initial slate

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya <> writes:
> > They haven't yet contributed the code (AFAIK this will be in October),
> > so for the moment it would be better to wait. But, of course, I see no
> > problem to do what you say as soon as the code is really contributed.
> >
> We can't wait, we have to elect the board in the next few weeks.  We
> can always kick them off if they decide not to release any code (I'm
> sure they would have the taste to resign even, since if they don't
> release code they aren't going to care about GNOME anyway.)
But, I can't understand this and I don't see the neeed to have them in
the initial board or do we need to have them? Are there not enough
people for the initial one? To be on the foundation, you need to have
contributed with GNOME, right? And you're saying we're leaving them into
the board for just saying that they'll release some code (maybe
not-GNOME related) in the future?

Wouldn't it be better to let them into the board as soon as some
contribution is made to GNOME? There could be another election in some
months, and then some people in SUN could be elected if they want to.
And I won't raise my voice against this if a real contribution has been

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