Re: Initial slate

Martin Baulig <> writes:

> Hi,
> I think rather than putting together a list of people
> who should form the initial slate we should try to
> make up our mind about which projects/functions/etc.
> should be represented on the board.
> So let me propose the following as initial slate:
> a) a strong advocate of Free Software [Miguel]
> b) the release coordinator(s) of the next GNOME release
>    (counting as one person) [Jacob,Maciej]

Multiple people counting as one person has proven to be silly in the
past (George and Jacob share one membership in the current Steering
Committee, but since issues almost never come to a vote, this has
little practical relevance).

> c) at least three "core GNOME hackers" [...]
> d) someone who was very active on this list and has shown
>    regular interest in the foundation [...]
> e) someone representing the documentation project [...]
> f) someone representing the translation project [...]
> g) someone representing the "user's side" [...]
>    (ie. someone who's familar with the wishes of users)
> h) someone from Europe [...]
>    (and who's familar with marketing, shows etc. there)
> This makes 10 people (effectively 11 due to b)).
> Now let's add some more constraints:
> i)   at least 2 people from Helix Code, but at most 3
> ii)  at least 2 people from Eazel
> iii) at least 2 people from Red Hat
> iv)  at most  1 person from another company
> v)   at lesat 2 people without corporate affiliation

The way we formed the Steering Committee, we tried to pick people to
represent various code constituencies, in addition to including
someone for translations and someone for docs, and I think we eneded
up roughly satisfying most of these constraints. Personally, I don't
think we should do geographical set-asides, although I'd be surprised
if we didn't end up with someone from Europe.

 - Maciej

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