Re: opening up the advisory board

Perhaps we should start to consider who we would like to expand the advisory
board to include
- beyond eazel, Helixcode, Red Hat & Sun. Do we ask only HP, IBM Dell and
Compaq @ this point?
Or, do we also bring other Linux distributors in, Intel, Transmeta, etc.
IMHO, the original four + Dell, IBM, HP & Compaq is probably easiest.


Bart Decrem wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> It seems like there's consensus that the Advisory Board of the
> foundation should be wide open to any company or organization that wants
> to join.
> The Advisory Board will be the forum for companies or organizations to
> interact with the foundation's board of directors.  Non-profit
> memberships will be free but corporate members will pay $10k or $20k
> annually.
> The corporate Advisory Board members will include Red Hat, Eazel, Sun,
> Helix Code.  Unless people object, we are going to do outreach to a
> number of other big companies and encourage them to join in time for the
> August 15 announcement.  These would be companies that aren't
> necessarily picking Gnome over KDE or making a major contribution to
> Gnome, but rather they would be signalling that they support Gnome.  The
> goal would be to sign up 3 or 4 of such companies (we're thinking of
> leading computer OEMs).
> Let me know if you have a problem with this.
> Bart
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