Initial slate


I think rather than putting together a list of people
who should form the initial slate we should try to
make up our mind about which projects/functions/etc.
should be represented on the board.

So let me propose the following as initial slate:

a) a strong advocate of Free Software [Miguel]
b) the release coordinator(s) of the next GNOME release
   (counting as one person) [Jacob,Maciej]
c) at least three "core GNOME hackers" [...]
d) someone who was very active on this list and has shown
   regular interest in the foundation [...]
e) someone representing the documentation project [...]
f) someone representing the translation project [...]
g) someone representing the "user's side" [...]
   (ie. someone who's familar with the wishes of users)
h) someone from Europe [...]
   (and who's familar with marketing, shows etc. there)

This makes 10 people (effectively 11 due to b)).

Now let's add some more constraints:

i)   at least 2 people from Helix Code, but at most 3
ii)  at least 2 people from Eazel
iii) at least 2 people from Red Hat
iv)  at most  1 person from another company
v)   at lesat 2 people without corporate affiliation

Hmm ... this already gets difficult.

Let's think about this and when we all agree about a)-h) at
least for the initial slate, we can start filling up the
remaining square brackets with people.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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