Re: What is GNOME?

Chema Celorio <> writes:

> I still think that we should require a small enrollment
> fee. Even if it is just 5/10 bucks. If you contribute to
> gnome you should not care donating five bucks to the
> Foundation, and if you don't really care about gnome
> you will not waste your money. 

That's probably fine for US people but not for people in
Europe and other countries - even if it's less than $1 to
pay it's a pain for non-US people and not everyone has a
credit card (and the bank stuff will think you're making fun
of them if you really attempt to send someone less than $1).

If we request people to pay a small fee, something like
$10 / year would sound much more reasonable - but we'll piss
of pour people such as students with this.

> I would do it like this :
> - If you have a cvs account, you can become a member by
> paying your enrolment fee in

Well, recently we're basically giving everyone a cvs account
who asks for it and there are people with a cvs account which
do more or less nothing for GNOME.

> - CVS accounts follow the current procedure.

There are cases where people will need a cvs account which don't
necessarily need to be members (for instance to do just a little
bit of translation work).

> Is there any scenario in which somebody should be
> a member and not have a cvs account ? For some
> reason I like the cvs accounts better than the 
> gnome-hackers mailing list, dunno exactly why.

I'd prefer the gnome-hackers mailing list - but we should have a
look who's on that list first.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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