Re: What is GNOME?

I agree.  I would do it like this:

1.  Everybody who's on Gnome-Hackers is automatically a member
2.  If you're not on Gnome-Hackers and want to be a member, send email to a
nominating committee and they'll decide if you have made 'significant
contributions to Gnome'
3.  New people get added to Gnome-Hackers using the same 'significant
contributions' criteria.

Fast and simple and I'm sure it's over-inclusive, but that's probably how
it ought to be.


Chema Celorio wrote:

> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> >
> > Anyway, even this list looks pretty controversial. :-( I think we need
> > to actually answer the hard questions about what GNOME contains. If we
> > can't do that, then we need to answer it by saying that GNOME contains
> > everything imaginable. Then of course the worry is that the foundation
> > will be run by kids that write gfloppy and gless and stuff like that,
> > instead of by the larger contributors with lots of experience.
> >
> > What lines can we draw?
> >
> > Havoc
> This process seems very complicated and time consuming. If we
> do it like this we are going to spend most of the time,
> deciding who is and who isn't a member. We need a very
> simple and clear way of deciding. There will be thousands
> of special cases
> "I wrote gnome-foo 0.0.1 a month ago and I did a couple
> of tranlations for GdiskFree, and fixed a bug in gfloppy."
> Is he a member or not ?
> Do a tranlator deservers to be a member and not a
> dr-genius hacker ? (since we consider dr-g not part
> of the core gnome).
> Maybe the solution is to allow anybody who wants to be a member,
> to become one. And filter all the kids by requiring the
> payment of an enrollment fee. I don't think somebody is going
> to pay 15/20 bucks just to vote on something that does not
> maters to him. This also opens a can of worms, since a
> company will be able to enroll a lot of their programers
> and pay for their fees, which will give this company a certain
> power over the voting process.
> I keep thinking of :
> How many members of the IEEE do not deserver to be a members ?
> How many members of the United State Parachute Asociaton
> are not Skydivers ?
> My point is that we need a very simple way to decide who's a
> member. Most of the hackers don't have time to answer a 3 line
> email, and we are going to spend time deciding who's a member ?
> Chema
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