Re: more openness

On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 10:03:58AM -0800, Bart Decrem wrote:
> Actually, (aka is a machine under my desk
> here at home and DSL cuts off every now and then, as it did last night.

> I agree with all the points made on this topic.  Joakim and I did talk about moving
> this site onto the servers but then we never did it.

> Joakim:
> - what do I need to do to transfer this site to the servers?

Unless you're running some weird Apache configuration, it should be a matter
of getting the files to me or someone else who has access to the server (maybe checking in the documents into CVS as well),
setting up a virtual host on, and then get the nameserver to
point at the server.

> - can you add links to foundation-list and foundation-announce to the mailing list
> listings?

Yes. I'll do this today.

> - can you add a contact person for GNOME Foundation issues to speakingabout.html?
> Maybe Havoc is the best person for that?

Let me know who it should be, and I'll add him.

> - can we add a Section called GNOME Foundation that links to on
> the homepage?

I thought there was a Foundation link there. Let me check this.

Joakim Ziegler - Helix Code web monkey - joakim helixcode com - Radagast IRC
      FIX sysop - free software coder - FIDEL & Conglomerate developer

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