Re: more openness

On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 10:43:00AM -0500 or thereabouts, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
>  - foundation-list is not listed on the main mailing list web page 
>    ( 
>    Yes, it is listed on more detailed page at
>    but I think it is not enough

This, I think, is a consequence of listing all the lists by hand (so to 
speak), rather than simply providing links to the various lists hosted
by,, and so on: for example

 * lists at (far too many to list)
 * lists at (includes Helix and Evolution-specific lists)
 * lists at (includes Eazel and Nautilus-specific lists).
 * lists at sourceforge (includes [...well, whatever is relevant here, 
if anything])

It might look barer, but it will not date so rapidly. 

Having it the way it's done now means someone has to go and update the 
page every single time a new list is created. There's several missing
as a result. 

Personally, I think saying "Here are the main places you'll find
gnome-related lists" is simpler to maintain :) 

> All of this is probably just an oversight - but I think we should
> correct it ASAP. We definitely need to put more info on
> - such as contact e-mail and minutes of all board
> meetings, and add links to this page from the main gnome page, as well
> as to add foundation-list to


Cc'd to webmaster gnome org in the hope it's the right place. I believe is all in gnome CVS, but I have never been sure how you
amend it.


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