more openness

Hi all:
may I make a comment/suggestion regarding Gnome foundation policies -
for all to discuss.  Here: I think we need to be more "open" to the
public, that is, provide more info to anyone interested - users,
journalists, whoever. We have nothing to hide. However, at the moment:

 - there is very little info about Gnome foundation on the main gnome
   web page - only in one press release and in gnotices archive. No
   link to, no information about the board, no

 - foundation-list is not listed on the main mailing list web page 
   Yes, it is listed on more detailed page at 
   but I think it is not enough

 - no contact address for the  board listed on the "contacts" page 
I tried to check what info about gnome foundation is available
at, but it seems to be down right now - probably
a temporary technical problem. 

All this means that if I were an outsider trying to learn something
about Gnome foundation, I'd find no info at all (unless I am very
determined and looked through all gnotices archives). 

All of this is probably just an oversight - but I think we should
correct it ASAP. We definitely need to put more info on - such as contact e-mail and minutes of all board
meetings, and add links to this page from the main gnome page, as well
as to add foundation-list to


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