To provide some balance to those who claim that the OO developers aren't
interested in working on better GNOME integration... it's not "we'll drop
everything and move to 100% Bonobo" but it's a better step than
nothing.  It'd be nice if the Orbit dev's at least saw this note, and
especially nice if the OO developers got some live feedback from the
public.  It's often hard to convince a company of the merits of opening up
their design and development processes (opening up the CVS tree is
comparatively easy) if they don't get a response (even a well-informed
negative one) to their efforts.


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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 12:58:47 GMT
From: Joerg Budischewski <joerg budischewski germany sun com>
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Subject: [discuss] Announcement : Starting UNO-CORBA bridge development for
    GNOME-desktop integration


I would like to announce, that Juergen Schmidt and I have started the
development of an UNO-CORBA bridge. 

The main goal is to get a CORBA-bridge that supports all features 
necessary to communicate with the GNOME desktop ( see ). 
The component model used in GNOME is BONOBO, which is built on top of 
ORBIT, an open source CORBA ORB (Object Request Broker). A CORBA-UNO 
bridge would e.g. allow to script OpenOffice with a GNOME scripting 

The secondary goal is to develop a 'generic' CORBA-UNO-bridge, that 
allows to communicate with an arbitrary ORB. This would allow OpenOffice 
to seamlessly integrate into any CORBA environment.

However, bridging UNO and CORBA is no trivial task, as both component 
models are based on different fundamental concepts. Therefor we want to 
write down the ideas about how to deal with these fundamental differences 
before beginning implementation. We have therefor setup a webpage :

It currently contains only some aspects we will have to deal with. The 
document is supposed to grow rapidly during the next weeks. Any input on 
this from the community is very welcome.

Any follows-ups please 

Greetings, Juergen and Joerg

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