Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 12 December 2000

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 12 December 2000


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Owen Taylor             
    Dan Mueth               
    Jim Gettys              
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Miguel de Icaza         
    Maciej Stachowiak       


    Bart Decrem
    Federico Mena Quintero  
    John Heard              


    Raph Levien             

    We will have another meeting next week
    Then skip 2 weeks for Chrismas.
   - unless clear and quick proof of existing progress get a new set of
     layers to start the Gnome Foundation incorporation.

Work Done:

   ACTION: Havoc to send a mail to Kenneth to ask for hackers coming
           on the guadec list, good idea to put it on Gnotices too
	   => DONE, on the agenda for today

   ACTION: Owen to build a list of TODO for the gnome.org servers
          => DONE will be put in CVS and sent onto gnome-hack

Work in progress:

  ACTION: Dan Mueth to forward the proposal to Chris Dibona, Martin Baulig
          and Russell Steinthal being part of the membership committee
	  => this is mostly formalized, but lack perticipation
             pending till after Chrismas

  ACTION: Miguel to call Kenneth to get more practical details about GUADEC 2

  ACTION: Maciej to write a new (hopefully final ?) license policy proposal.

  ACTION: Miguel to ask Pablo about the Euskadi translations to double check
          and write the letter


- Minutes from last week approved

- review status of actions from last week's minutes                            

- discuss meeting times/frequency
  Miguel suggested we meet every months instead, every week is clearly
  too often. However we have a set of urgent topic to kick off hence
  the weekly schedule currently.
  However we should delegate specific task forces when dealing with
  long term efforts (like conferences, managing releases, etc.) which
  are not specifically decision making process.

- what to say to the AbiWord and other office hackers people about the
  office suite
  + we have in the past replaced applications with better versions
  + there is no exclusivity about office software in Gnome, multiple
    Office may actually fits different needs.

- incorporation; need to see this move, what do we do about it
  We have no concrete detail about what is going on.
  We need to find some other layers:
   - Tim Ney proposed some help

  Unless Bart have heard from the layers and have a clear status on this,
  we should move forward and restart the process of incorporating
  the Foundation. Bart seems the best person to lead this effort.

- Kenneth's questions about GUADEC (forwarded to board-list earlier
  in the week)
  limit of approx. 100 is unclear, is that based on funding, space, ...
  We need to get the Call for Paper, and conference schedule organized.

- note from Miguel:
  The Euskadi translations team in Spain wants to get a letter from the
  GNOME Foundation where we say something like `They are doing the GNOME
  translations for Euskadi' so they can prove what they are doing to
  their bosses.
  Miguel will handle this.
- discuss the license policy being discussed on gnome-hackers

  In the spirit, it will follow the FSF guideline.
  The OSI Free Software definition or the Debian Free Software Guideline
  sounds a good basis on practical grounds.
  We should add a clause against revocation.
  In case of dispute the Board would have the last call.
  Maciej will name a new proposal along those lines.


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