Re: Membership dues [ was: Re: Advisory Board Letter ]

"David C. Mason" <> writes:

> Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:
> Hmm, I guess I got the wrong idea about the foundation. It was my
> understanding that the foundation would do nothing of the sort in
> terms of what the steercom does - in fact I find it a little
> disconcerting that a non-hacker/contributor would be involved with the
> work the steercom is supposed to do (releases, technical decisions,
> etc). This seems to be a change in what was discussed for the role of
> the foundation.

The foundation board of directors will be comprised primarily of
hackers and will replace steercom.

> I still see no compelling argument for a director. I also don't think
> 20K will keep companies away who are not serious. On the contrary, it
> may keep some serious companies away. We don't want companies money,
> we want them to embrace GNOME and help with the development of it
> within the community that exists. Just like what Eazel has done... we
> don't want Eazel's money, we want Eazel's code and opinions on
> technical direction.

Well where do you think the fee for admission to the advisory board
should be set then? I don't think "$0" would be good, this would get a
lot of companies signing up just because they can and generating
noise, unless the board gets to approve each company on an individual

Your specific proposal for where to set the fee is welcome.

 - Maciej

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