[fdn-ann] Belated Notes from yesterday's call

Following is a recap of some decisions from yesterday's call, as well as 
some action items and the previously emailed Key Messages.  Please let us 
know what we've forgotten.  Thanks everyone.

* The GNOME release and any accompanying vendor releases will go out at 8 
a.m. Eastern time on Aug. 15.

* Miguel will pre-brief the following pubs on Monday afternoon (Aug. 14) 
with the objective of embargoing the story until Tuesday.  We may not land 
all of these but these are the targets.  Once we've got a publication 
nailed down, we can notify you who was briefed and if you want to 
call/email a reporter and offer comment, that is certainly an option.
San Jose Merc
SF Chron
Dow Jones wire
Reuters wire
Bloomberg wire
AP wire

* Walk-through/rehearsal - Please let us know if your spokesperson is 
available. Room K (actual room we will be using later in the day) at the 
Convention Center has been confirmed for 9-9:45, Aug. 15.

* Cecile Roux of CHEN will continue to send RSVP updates as we get them 
throughout the week.

* Audiocast - Sun has agreed to underwrite.  The audiocast will be 
available at www.gnome.org.  Other items posted there will be the release, 
short FAQ and the link to the mailing list for hacker discussions.  (I hope 
I have properly characterized this link.)

GNOME press release - Eazel - send quotes to gcorrin@eazel.com.  We agreed 
that all companies will be responsible for their respective approval 
cycles.  If you use the language in the GNOME release regarding 
descriptions of the foundation in your own releases, that would be great.

Vendor press releases - Please send 200 copies in advance to arrive no 
later than Friday Aug. 11 to Cecile Roux at CHEN PR, 1065 E. Hillsdale 
Blvd., Suite 228, Foster City, CA  94404.  650-357-8749.  If you cannot 
make this deadline, please have someone bring copies to the Fairmont on 
Monday and leave them at the hotel in my name.  Last resort:  Bring them to 
the walk-through on Tuesday morning.  These releases (as well as the GNOME 
release) will be included in the GNOME press event kit, which is a plain 
black folder with the GNOME logo on a sticker.

Media Advisory - CHEN - slated to go out Weds. August 9.

Screen shots - Bart/Arlo at Eazel will send to CHEN.

Head and shoulders shot of Miguel - Helix Code - we have it/thanks.

FAQ - Melissa at Red Hat has sent out a starting list.  Please send your 
responses to her.

Spokesperson resource sheet - CHEN - Will do a separate email on this.  I 
think we need a source sheet for reporters so they have a way to reach 
spokesperson X if they have a followup question.  So this probably needs to 
be a variation of our internal contact sheet, along with the PR contacts 
for the respective organizations.


To reinforce GNOME’s position as a leader in the open source movement, 
positioning GNOME as a unifying industry force across multiple vendors.

· The GNOME Foundation has been formed to formalize a group of individuals, 
from varying organizations and companies, who will be responsible for 
advancing GNOME.

· The GNOME desktop is the world’s leading free and easy-to-use desktop 
enviroment for the user; GNOME has been designed to run on all modern 
strains of Unix-like operating systems.

· The support of leading vendors, including Sun Microsystems, IBM, Compaq, 
Eazel, Collab.Net, Helix Code, Red Hat,  demonstrates that the industry is 
coalescing behind GNOME as the desktop environment of the future.

1601 Trapelo Road
Waltham, Mass.  02451
P: 781-466-8282
F: 781-466-8989

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