[fdn-ann] Other GNOME spokespersons

Hello Maciej:

One of the suggestions in one of the conference calls was that Miguel will 
be the primary spokesperson on behalf of GNOME, but additional members of 
the community would be on hand for the Q&A and will be introduced.  I think 
this achieves your goal of indicating that it's not just corporations who 
are behind this, but the community as well.

We have a lot of speakers.  If we count companies, I believe that so far we 
have remarks from:

Miguel for GNOME (and Helix Code)
Jim Gettys for Compaq
Mike Boich for Eazel
?? for HP
?? for IBM
Bob Young for Red Hat
Marco Boerries for Sun
?? for VA Linux
Brian Behlendorf for Collab.Net

With 9 speakers, even if each spoke for only 3 minutes, Miguel for a bit 
longer, that's easily a 30-45 minute event, depending on how closely folks 
stick to this timing.  We want to allow plenty of time for Q&A.


At 09:21 PM 8/3/00 -0700, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>Bart Decrem <bart@eazel.com> writes:
> > Hi Maciej,
> >
> > I think the Gnome Steering Committee is going to announce that 
> StarOffice is going to be
> > integrated with Gnome Office (or whatever the wording is that you guys 
> came up with).
> > So I don't see why that couldn't be part of the same press release as 
> the Gnome
> > Foundation announcement, except, I guess, for the fact that the Gnome 
> foundation
> > announcement is coming from Miguel, and not the Gnome Steering 
> Committee - but I don't
> > think that's a material distinction.
>The Foundation announcement (in terms of the press release) is coming
>from "The GNOME Project", not from Miguel. Of course, Miguel will
>speak on behalf of the GNOME Project at the press conference. At least
>that is my understanding. BTW, I do think we should get more people
>representing the community rather than corporations in the press
>conference. We have Miguel and then it's all corporate
>executives. That risks having the press conference sound like lots of
>corporate stuff, and a little about GNOME.
>I know this is an 11th hour suggestion but I suggest adding more
>people (perhaps, again, Havoc and/or George) that can represent the
>GNOME community.
> > If you guys feel strongly about this, we could have two press releases, 
> but it does end
> > up making life more complicated.
>Well, the office suite integration thing is a completely separate
>issue from the foundation. We could have a "look at all this cool
>GNOME stuff" press release that summarizes all of it, but the office
>suite merge intention announcement is not really related to our
>formation of the foundation except temporally.
>  - Maciej
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